3 Main Reasons You Shouldn’t Put Off Trimming Tree Branches

June 24, 2018

Trees are one of the best ways to add value to your home. They add beauty and elegance to your yard. They give your home shade and reduce road noise. If you have a family, they provide the perfect spot for tree forts and tire swings.

Trees also require maintenance, however. It’s not as simple as planting them and then letting them grow. You have to care for them and protect them.

Trimming tree branches isn’t something that many people look forward to, but it’s essential for three main reasons.

Let’s look at those reasons below and discuss how Pevach can help.


When we say safety, we aren’t talking about branches falling on your head and knocking you out. A tree branch could fall on you, but the chances are so slim there’s no point in having that discussion.

There are two real safety issues with un-trimmed tree branches:

Power Lines

Windstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms pose major risks to Canadians. When these systems roll through, they knock down branches and trees which can fall onto power lines, posing more risks than just electrification.

If someone that relies on power for health reasons loses electricity, it turns into a medical emergency. The same holds true for a loss of power during a bad winter storm.

The first thing to do is prepare yourself for these events. Have a backup generator on hand and stay informed. If there is a possibility that you’ll lose power, reach out to local shelters or neighbours and have a plan.

Second, maintain your trees. Trimming tree branches keep them away from power lines and increase the chances of your power staying connected.


We know what you’re thinking: trees and animals? Bear with us as we pun our way to an explanation.

First, trees that are too close to your home allow access to animals. Raccoons, squirrels, and other animals can travel on tree limbs into your chimney or any opening close by. While these animals are cute, they also pose health risks and carry diseases.

Second, untrimmed tree limbs rot and fall onto the ground. Mould grows inside of the tree limbs, attracting animals and pests. Make sure you check your yard every week for fallen limbs. Not only will you stop animals from coming, but you’ll stop yourself or someone else from tripping over them.


Every year, unmaintained trees cause millions of dollars of damage. Liability falls on private property owners if one of their trees does damage to someone else’s property.

It’s not just homes that trees damage, either. If a tree falls onto a car, it’s almost always a total loss. Falling branches can destroy fences and storage structures. All it takes is one strong storm to leave you or your neighbour facing thousands of dollars in repair.

It’s not just residential customers that need to worry about trimming tree branches. If you own a small business and a tree on your property does damage to your neighbour, you could face catastrophic financial liability. Can your business handle thousands of dollars in claims?

It’s better to prepare now by getting a consultation. Professionals will evaluate your property and determine what trees pose a risk to you and your neighbours. Regular maintenance now could save you from legal trouble later.

Trees also improve the value of your home when you maintain them. If you decide to sell your home in the future, having a well-maintained yard with trees providing shade and noise reduction raises the selling price.


In Alberta and Saskatchewan, we’re blessed with some of the most beautiful lands in North America. It’s up to all of us, as good stewards, to protect the beauty and resources we enjoy.

Trimming tree branches help to accomplish this goal.

Trimming helps protect young trees. For the first few years of growth, arborists cut tree limbs and train the tree to grow a sturdy branch structure. This training protects surrounding structures around the tree as well.

As your tree ages, professionals prune to remove the dense canopy and remove weak branches. By getting rid of weak branches, the stronger ones have less competition, allowing them to grow stronger. Getting rid of the canopy gives the tree more sunlight, making it healthier. One study shows that trimming tree branches for the first ten years of a tree’s life increases its health by 10%.

Healthier trees lead to a healthier environment. They produce the oxygen we need to live while limiting the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. They also provide homes for many migratory birds that add to the diversity we have in the prairie provinces.

One last thing to consider is fire. Wildfires, when not controlled, can do damage to both property and the environment. Trimming trees help stop the spread of fire by keeping them away from buildings and other trees.

If lightning strikes overgrown tree branches or a careless smoker throws their cigarette on the ground under a tree, the fire it causes can spread. In residential or commercial areas, branches that hang close to buildings spread fires from one area to another.

Do You Need Professional Help Trimming Tree Branches?

Proper tree maintenance is hard work and requires the help of a professional. Trimming tree branches is dangerous to both the person trimming the tree and surrounding property.

If you want to maintain a beautiful lawn while protecting yourself and your home, give us a call today. We provide tree cutting, removal, and planting in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Whether you’re a private homeowner or a business that wants to increase curb appeal and attract customers, we’re here to help!

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