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The Mighty Machines

of Pevach Corp's Fleet

At Pevach Corp, we pride ourselves on getting the job done right with a fleet of mean machines that don't mess around. Our powerful equipment lineup brings tree removal expertise to government, utility companies, oil & gas, farmers, and homeowners across Alberta and Saskatchewan. This is the unstoppable force that is the Pevach Corp fleet.

CMI 250 and CMI 300 Hurricane Mulchers

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part of our fleet of mulchers

These units are 275 - 300hp machines with a mulching head width of 106.9 inches or 8.9ft, a working drum width of 90.7 inches 7.6ft

The huge thing regarding this size of machine is that they have the lowest ground pressure in the industry. With an overall weight of 22 783 lbs and on 30-inch trackpads, their ground pressure is 3.2psi. They can take down nearly any size of tree. These units are specifically designed to mulch. Simple and low maintenance so the machine is working when you need it most.

CMI 175HP Twister Mulchers

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Part of our Fleet of Mulchers

These units are 175 HP machines with a mulching head width of 95 inches or 7.9ft, and a working drum width of 81 inches or 6.75ft.

These machines are also light on their feet 4.34 psi with an overall weight of 17000 lbs. 

These machines are incredibly nimble and are a mid-size unit, however, they have huge power-to-weight ratios. They are an absolute animal of a machine in the forest.

Skid Steer Mulchers

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part of our fleet of skid steer mulchers

CAT 299D3 XE Land Management unit

The CAT 299DE-XE is a 110 HP machine with a head width of 84 inches, or 7ft, and a working drum width of 71 inches or 6ft. These machines are roughly 4.8 psi and have a working weight of 13000 - 15000 lbs.

Bobcat T-870 Skid Steer

A 100HP machine with a head width of 74 inches or 6.2 ft, and a working drum width of 60 inches or 5 ft. These machines are 4.7 psi and have a working weight of 13000 - 15000lbs. A very aggressive attack on medium wood, they are superior in their working class. They are equipped with a forestry kit, ROPS and polycarbonate doors and windows for the safety of the operator. All machines are equipped with backup cameras. Very nimble and versatile units, they have rubber tracks to leave the lowest impact on particular ground conditions.


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part of the fleet of trimming trucks

LRV58/LRV60 Forestry Tree Trimming Trucks

A working height of 65 ft and a maximum outward reach of 47.4 ft. All units are di-electrically tested and fully certified to work on live power lines. Their high-performance abilities work on all hazardous tree removal jobs, in any application.

LR8-60E70 Elevator Forestry Tree Trimming Trucks

Our new elevator unit.  With a Ground Bottom of 70.3 ft and a Maximum Outward Reach of 48.4 ft. This unit boasts a 10ft elevator on the turret to increase the reach of the truck to a whopping working height of 75.3ft.  All units pull a chipper and have the capability of holding a considerable amount of wood chip debris in the chip box. They transport the chips to a desired site to be dumped, keeping the site neat and tidy.


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Aerial Lift

The Altec TDA58 is a telescopic double articulating aerial device providing 63 feet of working height. With its slim design it can fit through a 36-inch gate.

Designed specifically with the tree care industry in mind, the TDA58 was built to meet the needs of customers looking for an insulating aerial device that provides a compact, yet rugged design. This makes it the ideal product for work in harsh tree care conditions as well as residential applications.  This is a backyard, off-road, ditch mobile hard-working machine.

BC1000XL Wood Chipper

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Wood Chipper

A Tow behind wood chipper with a Diesel engine capable of chipping up to a 12-inch Material Capacity. It has an adjustable chute to direct chips in any desired location, including in the back of our Tree-Trimming Trucks.

These units provide operator safety with patented safety bars. These units can handle all and any type of wood you throw at it, and save time by chipping all the debris into small wood chips, maximizing the space in the chip boxes. All our operators and grounds people are trained and deemed competent to use a wood chipper.

Steamer Truck

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Mobile Steam Cleaner

Our mobile steamer and wash truck. We can make steam or we offer hot wash for all and any equipment you may have.

The steamer hosts 1200 gallons of water, a 1 million BTU Diesel fired Burner with a 10 GPM water pump, with a maximum pressure of 3000psi.

This unit keeps our fleet nice and clean. We have the ability to keep other clients' equipment squeaky clean as well. 


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medium duty hauling machine

M2 Freightliner with a 8 ton Fassi Knuckle Picker. 

This versatile unit can lift up to 16000lbs. It is a fully tooled support truck to our mulchers, and our fleet. We pull a 36 ft gooseneck trailer behind it capable of hauling a 30000lb load.

We can provide picker service for ourselves or any customer who calls as well.

WT01 - Kenworth T800 Semi

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Our T-800 Kenworth is the ultimate hauling machine.

With a 53 ft stepdeck it is the correct configuration to haul up to 2 mulchers to any site and be within the rules of the road. Whether we are hauling tracked or wheeled equipment we can haul most anything.

We don’t just haul for ourselves we will haul for anyone.


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International CV 515 Dump/Chip Truck

This is our Crew Cab 4x4 Chip Truck. Able to haul a slashing crew, pull a chipper and handle 5 yards of chips in the dump box. It is also capable of removing the rear shell and doubling as a straight dump truck. For all self contained slash and chip jobs this is the answer.

MB01 The Mini Bobcat MT 85

This handy unit can fit through a 3 ft gate and is able to lift 800lbs. A very handy unit for all the back breaking work. It speeds up all jobs tremendously. With multiple attachments it makes access to back yards and tight spaces easy. Stump Grinding, Log Grapple, and Bucket

Large Skidsteer, or Mini Skidsteer Stump Grinders

Whether it is on a Larger Bobcat with 100hp and the Stump Grinder Attachment we can remove your stump for you, the application is for larger areas. If you have tight access, the Mini Bobcat also allows us to stump grind and access through a small opening with a light footprint. We have you covered for any size stump.

Your go-to tree removal service in alberta

With a fleet like this, it's no wonder Pevach Corp is the go-to tree removal service in Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Our mighty machines, combined with our customer-centric approach, ensure a tree removal experience that's second to none. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our powerful equipment lineup can tackle your tree troubles!