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As a full-service, professional arborist company, we have been
living and breathing trees for over 30 years.

From large-scale, million-dollar projects to smaller-sized contracts, from job planning
and estimating to project management, our team of experts have done it all.

The next time you need a team of highly skilled and professional arborists, think of us. 

what can we do for you?


Clear space for new


Clear forest fire


Remove trees and


Make oil and gas
pipeline right
of ways


Free utility lines
of trees


Clear the way for
new utility line

Why choose us?



No matter what the job requires, we're outfitted to do the work.

Our professional equipment consists of nimble and easily transported 100 horsepower mulching units.

We also boast a CMI 250—a 275 horsepower, high-output workhorse. Known in the industry as one of the best and most highly sought after machines, the CMI 250 has the lowest ground pressure in the industry and can leave a surface seed-ready.



Our machines are equipped with features to keep us on track.

Whether we're creating power line construction or repair access, OR clearing right of ways, fencelines, or oil leases, we guarantee our work with be exactly how you need it.

As a professional arborist company, we work meticulously so the job only needs to be done once.

Our Expertise


Our experienced team is certified to work in the oilfield.
We've worked in the industry for more man hours then we can count. We're COR® certified and on ISNET, ComplyWorks, Avetta, and many others.
We do seismic mulching and pipeline clearing, and have the equipment (faller bunchers, skidders, processors) needed to complete your oilfield project on time and on budget.


As a farmer, your time is valuable.
When you have to cut down, pile, and burn brush on your land yourself, it not only costs you time that could be better spent tending to your crops but it's also less cost effective than hiring us to do it.
We'll use our modern mulchers to clear your fields eliminating everything but the roots. All you'd need to do is provide the breaking plow to break up the roots after we're done.

Our state-of-the-art bucket trucks let us scale the tallest trees with the touch of a button.

Or, when we’re feeling especially nostalgic, we’ve got the training and equipment to make like Tarzan and scale a tree!


If you need large areas, small bushes, and/or saplings cleared and manicured, we can help.

Our powerful CMI machinery and rotary mower heads have the strength to cut through trees up to three inches in diameter—perfect for public spaces, farms, construction sites, and utility lines.

Mulching & Clearing

Our fleet of mulching equipment is like a hot knife to the butter of the toughest vegetation jobs.

We can charge through brush, clear overgrown lots for construction, create fire breaks to protect forests, and keep trails and utility lines free of obstructions—all while doing it fast.

Why wait years to clear ground using slash-and-burn when our experts can clear an area for good?



Our Roots

The old-fashioned way to clear trees and brush was to burn them.

Tree burning caused air pollution, risked starting wildfires, and took years to completely rid a small area of shoots and seeds that could regrow.

Tree Removal Saskatchewan


Modern-day mulching and clearing is quicker, easier, and safer than tree burning.

For us, mulching is also a lot of fun! It gives us an excuse to drive a T-870 Bobcat straight through anything but the densest forest turning vegetation into mulch that can be used for fertilizer and wood chips.

From rodeo arenas to front yards, we can mulch and clear anything .

community Involvement

We’re rooted in small town values. We offer more personalized service than a large multi-national
company and believe that giving back is part of being a good steward of the community.

Learn about the work that we do in the community
our Community Spaces Initiative.