5 Reasons Winter Tree Trimming Shouldn’t Be Ignored

November 2, 2020

If you’re a homeowner and you’ve got a nicely landscaped yard with trees, then you need to add winter tree trimming to your long winter to-do list.

When it’s cold and snowy, most people don’t think about spending time outside doing yard work. Yard work is only for the spring and summer isn’t it? Shovelling the driveway and sidewalk and then shovelling it again 4 minutes later when it’s completely covered again isn’t the only outdoor chore you should be worried about.  

Winter tree trimming is really important for several reasons and unfortunately, because most people don’t think about it, it’s often missed. Ignoring your trees in the winter can lead to some serious hazards, dead trees or trees that just don’t flourish. So let’s talk about winter tree care and how you can stay on top of it. 

For Some Trees, It’s The Ideal Time To Trim

For trees that do not bloom, winter is a perfect time to trim them. They are not working hard to produce leaves and grow taller. They remain dormant so trimming won’t take their extra needed energy away from their summer growth.

If you’ve got a yard full of fruit trees or any other kind of blooming tree (like lilacs), then you can pack away your pruning tools for the winter and kick back & relax. Well…until you need to shovel that big snow fall the weather channels are promising of course. But what we mean is that blooming trees and fruit trees should not be trimmed in the winter months.

While they are dormant like other species, their blooms are already set during the winter so you risk cutting off healthy blooms. These trees are best trimmed in the spring after they have bloomed.

Check out this great read to learn more about the right way to trim your own trees without causing harm.  

Ice Build Up Can Be Dangerous

Depending on the size of the trees on your property, one bad ice storm has the potential to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage from trees alone.

Winter tree trimming is super important to ensure the safety of those in your household as well as your property. Ice coated branches are extremely heavy. They often snap under the weight and can come crashing through the roof of your car or worse…your house.

Before the snow and ice hit, be sure to get out and trim those branches that could pose a possible hazard. If there are some that are just too large for your at-home pruning kit and skill level, call a tree care company with proper equipment to get those branches removed safely. 

If you share a property line with someone and you have large overhanging trees, this could cause you one heck of a headache and possibly a lawsuit if your branches become covered in ice and snow and cause damage on THEIR property.

We can’t stress it enough…winter tree trimming is IMPORTANT! 

Branches Are Easier To See

When all the leaves are gone, spotting the branches that really need to go becomes a lot easier.

Finding the dead and diseased branches isn’t as tricky in the winter and you don’t risk cutting off perfectly healthy branches in the process. Not to mention there is no fight with a face full of leaves during the chore. 

You Don’t Need To Worry About Disease

During the spring and summer, when you chop off a branch or two you leave an open wound in the tree. Much like an open cut on your arm, it becomes a target for bacteria and infection.

During the winter however, this is far less likely to happen. While there is still a very small chance of fungi or bacteria infections, there is almost a 0% chance of infestations from pests during the winter months. 

Winter Tree Trimming Helps Promote Spring Growth

We humans get a haircut to remove dead split ends and allow new healthy growth right? Well trees need the same.

When spring hits and you have a tree full of dead or diseased branches, that tree is going to use a lot of its energy in those branches, but it’s a complete waste.

Instead, get rid of all those branches and your tree will use that energy towards all its healthy branches. This encourages better, healthier growth for your tree come springtime. 

When To Call A Professional For The Job

If you are simply chopping off a few small branches to keep your tree healthy for spring, we are confident you’ll tackle the job just fine.

But if you really have no interest in a DIY winter tree trim for your yard or the trees you have are far too large for you to tackle without equipment then call in a tree crew.

A company like Pevach Corp knows trees and can take care of the task without a  headache for you. *Cross one off the to do list*.

We are a team of highly skilled and trained professionals with top of the line tree trimming equipment. Even the tallest of trees are no match for our team and we can have those branches safely removed in no time.

One more great benefit to winter tree trimming when you need to call in help, is that the ground is frozen. We put down special mats so our trucks don’t damage your yard, but a frozen ground makes winter even more of a perfect time to call. 

Don’t risk serious property damage or dead trees. Start trimming your trees during the winter months (or call us and we’ll do it!).