7 Benefits Of Tree Trimming Services For Utility Companies

January 17, 2018

Most people don’t associate tree trimming with electric companies. Yet, they’re an essential part of delivering reliable power to customers.

When vegetation interferes with power lines, it’s dangerous to utility employees and homeowners. Obstructions can stop service, or cause a fire. In the worse case, a compromised power line can hurt or kill someone. Clear service lines give utility employees a safe work environment. It also helps companies provide consistent power to their clients.

Keep reading to learn all the ways tree trimming helps utilities and their customers.

1. Reliable Service

The Utility Arborist Association states about 11-million acres of pipeline and high voltage electric transmission crisscrosses the U.S. and Canada. The system has five million miles of electric poles and lines.

There are about 500 million trees, and countless street light and service lines in the system. The system is gigantic. The utility companies are responsible for maintenance. They make arrangements to clear the brush, vines, and trees growing near the system. Vegetation management is essential for safety and reliability as well as for government regulations compliance. Service is reliable when utilities hire companies to clear their service right-of-ways. Healthy trees don’t fall on power lines. Clear lines don’t cause problems.

Trees with good root systems have less structural weakness and decay. They don’t fall during storms and disrupt electrical service. Overgrown vegetation can interrupt service too. Unruly plants can ground out electrical wires and cause a fire. Removing vegetation can restore reliability.

The next time you have power during a storm, thank the electric company and the tree service providers.

2. Line Clearance

Efficient line clearance makes the power supply safer. It also reduces clearing costs in the future. Line clearance means pruning branches, or removal of an entire tree. Arborists choose the best plan for each situation. It may be aerial or ground level trimming. Both mechanical and manual labour is useful for clearing the lines.

Arborists inspect both existing and planned service lines. They scout for vegetation that interferes with distribution and transmission circuits. Routine inspections are important because they find hazards. The resolution of problems as they occur protects the power supply. Utility line clearance is serious business. That’s why utility line arborists are trained to Tree Care Industry Association standards and industry best practices.

3. Emergency Response

Customers rely on power. That doesn’t change with the weather.

Our crews respond to severe weather events to restore electrical service outages caused by downed trees. Proactive tree services help avoid an expensive emergency. But not all power line emergencies are predictable.

When a car knocks a tree into the power line, or you need to troubleshoot a neighbourhood before a storm, you need an emergency response. When you call for a response to an emergency, our qualified tree professionals complete an inspection and damage assessment. You will receive fast notification of the damage details and options for a quick resolution.

4. Storm Cleanup

Most utility line clearance companies perform storm cleanup. It’s good to have a local tree service company available to clean downed trees near power lines. Storm cleanup can include removal of burnt trees after a fire, flood, or heavy snowfall. Freezing temperatures and ice damage also put power lines at risk. A cleanup usually involves tree trimming, cutting down trees, and removing them completely.

5. Community

Trimming to keep branches out of power lines is better than cutting trees down. Trimmed branches don’t cause permanent harm to the environment. Trees continue to provide benefits like shade, homes for wildlife, and absorption of carbon dioxide. Tree trimming services are essential to a good relationship between utility companies and municipalities. Correct pruning of young trees keeps utility lines clear. This minimizes risks and maximizes an attractive urban landscape.

The following tasks help both the power company and a city.

  • Street and powerline pruning
  • Tree removal and stump grinding
  • Emergency response
  • Consulting

Removing dead and dangerous trees from public streets and common areas is important in every community. Our motto is working with nature to make nature work. We do this in our communities every day.

6. Vegetation Consultation

Vegetation on transmission and distribution lines must be managed for safe, reliable power. A plan for vegetation management is important. Overgrown vegetation creates danger for the public and utility workers. It can hide a problem or start a fire. It can prevent access to power lines for repairs.

According to the Utility Arborist Association, overgrown vegetation puts property owners and untrained tree workers at risk. Contact with power lines can cause injury or death. The Association recommends vegetation on electric transmission and pipeline corridors to be low-growing plants and shrubs. This maintains green space but doesn’t interfere with the power lines.

7. Contracts for Stabilized Expenses

Tree service contractors may negotiate a long-term contract with a utility company.

This is a win-win situation. A long-term contract is less expensive and builds a strong relationship between the two companies. The utility and the contractor negotiate an agreement to cover work. A multi-year contract encourages loyalty and less employee turnover. Rates are usually stable for the length of the contract, with an annual increase built-in. This provides stability for the utility company’s budget. Long-term contracts bring added production, safety, and morale for the tree service employees. A happy workforce adds up to savings for the utility company.

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