7 Reasons You May Need Emergency Tree Removal in Saskatchewan

October 8, 2017

You probably think that the only time you might need emergency tree removal is after a storm has taken down a tree or a branch.

Of course, that would be the time when your local arborist receives most of their calls, as people’s yards are now likely filled with unwanted branches and trees. But there are a number of other occasions where you may need one.

Emergency tree removal professionals are obviously incredibly busy after a storm, so if you can reach out to them when you first notice any of the’ things we’ve listed below, you will have a much lower wait time.

A Tree or Branch is Threatening Your Safety

Have you ever gone into the yard and said, “I don’t like the look of that branch.” Or “That tree is going to be trouble.”

This usually happens when you see a branch that is hanging over your house, or right where you like to park the car. In either case, one thing is clear: if that falls tomorrow, really bad things will happen.

You’re definitely best off calling in an emergency tree removal service as soon as you identify a possible threat. You don’t want this tree or branch to come down while you’re waiting for an appointment.

Something is Ruining the Look of Your Yard

Few things can really sabotage the look of a yard like a dead, overgrown, or dying tree.

It hurts the entire property and the longer you leave it, the worse it looks.

You may even be politely asked by your neighbours, “If you wouldn’t mind please do something about that.” It can make the whole neighbourhood look a bit “junky.”

The Tree is Dead or Diseased

Not only does a dead or diseased tree look bad, it can also pose a risk to the entire neighbourhood. If this disease spreads, you may lose all of the trees in your area.

Saskatchewan is home to a few vicious tree diseases like Dutch elm disease. So if you notice your tree looks to be diseased or dying, call an emergency tree removal right away.

This is a disease that has ravaged the elm population in cities like Ottawa and changed the landscape completely.

Never try to remove these trees yourself, as you can actually cause the disease to spread; particularly if you don’t clean your tools properly.

Potential Property Damage

Earlier, we discussed the safety risks associated with a large tree branch or tree falling down and crashing into your car or home. But let’s not forget how expensive these falls can be.

The best case scenario is the tree or branch falls on a parked car. You have a few hundred dollars in repair bills. But, if that branch falls on your house, you’re looking at massive repair bills and a serious risk of injuries or even death.

And if this tree or branch fell and you enter “act of god” territory, you’re likely not going to be able to submit this incident to your insurance company.

Potential Damage to Your Neighbours Property

This can lead to a very contentious situation. Your tree or branch falls into your neighbour’s yard and causes damage.

Now what? Who is at fault here? Who’s liable for damages?

In the eyes of most insurance companies, it doesn’t matter where the tree comes from. But the rest is a gray area.

But you are responsible for the trees on your own property. So if you see a tree encroaching into your neighbours’ yard, you should probably be a good neighbour and call an emergency tree removal service. And they should do the same for you.

You’re Selling Your Home

Maybe you’ve spotted what a difference a bit of landscaping can do. Or maybe your realtor/home stager has recommended you remove some trees and branches.

First of all, taking away dead or dying trees in the front yard means you can instantly boost the curb appeal of your home and a better first impression.

Second of all, if you remove them from the backyard, you open the yard up to more living space and, likely, more sunlight. It also makes the healthy trees look that much better.

Because You Should Never Do it Yourself

You may think, “Hey I’ve got a ladder and a chainsaw. Maybe I can save some money can just do this myself.” This is the same idea a lot of regretful people have.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that we see about 200 tree-related fatal injuries each year in the US. There are no tracked stats for Canada, but the rates may be even higher, given our sheer number of trees.

Removing a tree is dangerous. And if things go wrong, the results can be just as expensive as they can be deadly. Your tree could very easily end up falling through your house or on top of your car.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, if your tree happens to be carrying a disease or deadly parisite, you could unknowingly transport it on your tools or clothing.

If you are ever tempted to try to fell your own tree, please do yourself, your family and your neighbours a big favour and go to YouTube and search “tree fall fail.” Hopefully, after a few minutes of watching this, you will change your mind.

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