Alberta Arborist | What to Look For When Hiring A Tree Service Company

January 14, 2020

There is a reason it’s strongly recommended to not do your own tree removal, stump clearing or tree trimming. All of these jobs require special equipment and knowledge to do them safely and with minimal damage to the ground, surrounding area or tree (if it’s a relocation). Hiring an Alberta arborist company is your smartest option and when you hire the right company you can expect the job to be done well and without destroying your land or property.

So what should you be looking for in a company before you hand over the cash and let them take over your yard? We’ll give you a few things to consider before agreeing to hire someone for a service.

What insurance & certifications do they have?

You wouldn’t hire someone to wire your house without knowing they were a certified electrician would you? Probably not as it could lead to serious trouble down the road if that person didn’t actually know what they were doing. Well the same goes for an arborist company. You want to hire a company that has the proper certifications, training and insurance.

Pevach Corp is proud to offer a team of certified professionals that know proper safety procedures and techniques to do the job right. As an Alberta arborist company, we have staff that are highly trained in chainsaw use & safety, we have professional climbers, staff members that are trained specifically in trimming around power lines and we even have a mechanic who ensures all our equipment is safe and up to standards.

We also carry a 5 million dollar commercial liability insurance policy with the Co-operators insurance and every staff member is covered by WCB. We are more than happy to provide proof to any client before starting a job.

What equipment do they have for the job?

If it was as simple as having some really sharp shears or a pick-up truck with a rope, we’d say “anyone can handle tree maintenance and removal!” but…there’s more to it than that. If you’re just trimming up some small, thin branches or pruning a small tree, then yes there are some great pieces of equipment you can buy to get the job done yourself. But if you’re in need of a full tree-removal, stump removal or need a tree moved, then you need to hire a professional arborist with the right equipment for the job.

If you need an Alberta arborist with the right equipment, then Pevach might just be your go-to team. We have top of the line equipment for mulching, slashing, trimming, stump removal and more. Our crew also uses a lift truck for tree trimming which keeps our team safe and allows us to have more control over the falling branches. We even have the training and equipment to lower large branches down (instead of letting them drop) to eliminate the risk of damage to property or your surrounding land.

Their respect for client’s surrounding property & cleanup procedures 

Have you ever paid someone for a home reno job and after they “cleaned”, packed up and left, you’ve found wood scraps, nails and globs of paint all in places they shouldn’t be? Yeah, it’s not a great way to leave a job site, regardless of the services provided. If you’re hiring someone for tree services, chances are they will be driving across your property and using large equipment to do so. While it’s necessary to bring their equipment to the job site, it’s NOT necessary to make a mess of your lawn, driveway or land.

At Pevach we are well known for our excellent customer service and job site procedures. We use special mats that prevent damage from our trucks and from piling up debris. We leave every single job site clean and unharmed. You would never even know we were there. Well…except for the missing or moved trees of course. 

What do they do with all the wood?

Sometimes when you hire an Alberta arborist, you are not given the choice as to what you want done with the wood after the job is finished. But that’s just crazy because it was your tree before it was chopped down so it’s still your tree after. If you are hoping to have a tree turned into mulch, chips, logs, or just taken away completely then Pevach offers you that choice.

We leave it up to the clients! Some clients request we leave them long pieces for building purposes, others want it mulched up to spread around the rest of the garden. Even if you’re not sure at the time what you want to do with the wood, we will leave you a bin and you can do whatever you like once you decide.

Ready to hire an Alberta arborist for your next tree service? 

There are many great arborists in the province, but just like any other service out there, you’ll find some not so great ones too. It’s important to hire someone who takes safety seriously and who has a team of trained staff to ensure the job is done well and done right.

Pevach is located in north eastern Alberta and we service St. Paul, Cold Lake, Bonnyville, Lac La Biche, Meadow Lake, and anywhere else we need to travel in Alberta and Saskatchewan — we’re here to help you. We take great pride in our work. We offer a quick and accurate estimate process and leave every job site cleaner than when we showed up. If you’re in need of any tree trimming, relocating, removing or planting, contact Pevach Corp today.