Christmas Tree Care | How To Extend The Life Of Your Real Tree

December 2, 2020

Many folks have turned to the synthetic Christmas trees over the last several years, but we have to say, there is nothing like having a real tree in your home over the holidays. Taking the box out of the attic, stacking all the pieces and fluffing the fake branches is just not the same.

Having a real tree is a whole family experience! Bundling up, walking through a forest of perfect trees at your local tree farm, choosing the perfect one and cutting it down yourself is the way to go. And the smell? You can’t top the smell of a real tree. 

So why have so many people opted for fake trees over the real deal? A big part of the reason is a real tree needs to be looked after.

Christmas tree care is important if you want to extend the life of your tree and not be left with a pile of sticks and brown needles by Christmas Eve. But with a little TLC throughout the holiday season, you can have a lush, green tree in your home even well past Christmas if you like to keep it up until New Years.

But before we talk about caring for your real tree, let’s talk a bit about why it’s better to opt for real instead of plastic. 

Real Trees vs Fake Ones

Yep, we totally understand that buying a plastic tree means you’ll have it for more than one year. Which might seem like it saves you a lot of money in the end, but the truth is they aren’t made to last.

Every time you put it up and take it down, it’s wear and tear on the tree, you’ll lose a ton of fake needles every time and eventually it will only be suitable for the set of Charlie Brown. Then what? Your tree goes into a landfill.

Between the factory needed to make the tree and the landfill it sits in, it’s not doing much good for our environment. 

Buying a real tree is not only a great experience for the whole family, but it’s great for the environment.

Tree farms plant their trees in such a way that they are never left without new ones. They are replacing every tree cut down with new saplings that will be ready to fulfil their Christmas duty in no time.

Real trees will clean the air not only on the farms they came from, but in your home as well. They can be recycled and turned into mulch, they cost far less than fake ones, they support local farmers and did we already mention the smell?

If you’re looking for a great family activity you could even consider growing your own.

Get The Most Out Of Your Real Tree

  1. Choose The Right Tree From The Start

If you can choose a fresh cut tree right from the farm, do it. This will always be your best option for a healthy, long lasting tree that won’t dry out as fast.

Oftentimes the pre-wrapped ones found at the local hardware store have been brought from out of town. This means that they have already been cut down for some time and have been exposed to wind and other drying factors.

You can still keep a pre-cut tree green during Christmas, but if you can choose one you cut down yourself it’s ideal.

  1. Cut The Trunk

Christmas tree care starts before you even put it up at home.

Trim the trunk after you cut it down or before you leave the store with a pre-wrapped one, then trim it again before putting it up in the stand. This is to ensure there is no sap or build up on the trunk that will prevent your tree from getting the water it needs. 

  1. Don’t Use The “Tricks” You Find Online

There are endless suggestions and “tree hacks” to extend the life of your Christmas tree, but the truth is none of them work and none of them are actually needed.

Think about it…a tree growing in a forest is not watered with bleach, corn syrup or aspirin. They are simply watered with…water. Just good ol’ tap water is all your tree needs to stay healthy and not dry out too quickly.

Once your tree is in the stand, make sure it has enough water to cover a few inches of the trunk at all times.

Do not place a giant tree in a tiny stand either. A small stand will never hold enough water and you’ll be needing to fill it much more often. Not only is this a pain, but it also increases the chances you’ll forget that your tree needs a drink and it will dry out faster. 

  1. From The Farm To Your Living Room, Keep It Away From Heat Sources

Your Christmas tree will not get cold, we promise. Any heat source will dry out your tree much faster than you’d like.

If you store it for a day or two before putting it up, don’t store it in a heated garage or basement. Leave it outside away from the wind.

Once your tree is up, try to avoid putting it near the floor vents or the fireplace.

Carefully consider the lights you decorate with as well. Older types of Christmas lights can give off enough heat that they will speed up the drying process. Opt for newer, LED lights instead as they do not get warm at all and will help to extend the life of the tree. 
Christmas tree care doesn’t have to be overly complicated to get the most out of your real tree. If you’re giving a real tree a go this year, or always have, contact Pevach Corp to have your tree mulched up and recycled after the holidays.