How Your Company Can Benefit from a Commercial Slashing & Mowing Service

February 28, 2018

The flora encroaching your property never caused much trouble and annoyance. The saplings became trees, and the brush became unkempt. It looks like your company needs a mowing service to fight Mother Nature.

A clean property can improve your team’s productivity. An orderly property projects an organized image of your brand. Are you looking to save on overhead? Proper maintenance can help cut operational costs, too. There are several benefits of using a slashing or mowing service covered in this post. Read on to see how these services can help.

Prevent Disruptions from Power Outages

A power outage for a utility company or government service is catastrophic. The outages disrupt productivity and comfort for both business and local community. Worse is if news breaks that the blackout was preventable. Customers, locals, and emergency services may be affected and it could cost a life.

Prevent the outroar by clearing the flora around utility lines or underground storage tanks. This will stop roots or branches from contacting these vital utilities or containers. Or, relocate trees to an appropriate area preserving the natural beauty of the area but stopping any potential hazards.

Using slashing and mowing services are a proactive approach to preventing a myriad of problems for you, the business, and locals:

  • Potential injury (electrocution) to employees or townsfolk
  • Accidental wildfires or environmental destruction for wildlife
  • Toxic spillage from damaged containers

Emergency tree services aren’t tasks to hand to fly-by-night operations. Professional services have the proper documentation and insurance versus these fly-by-night operations. It’s wise to ensure all legal areas are covered especially if they’re working around public utilities or government property.

Open the Space to Expand Operations

Has your business received additional funding? Are you attracting new staff and need to expand offices? Or, maybe you’ve invested in new, workable land?

The areas currently surrounding your business are likely overrun by growth. The early stages of new development begin with clearing. A professional slashing and mowing service can make quick work of these areas.

What are potential needs when clearing?

  • Stump grinding
  • Removing deep roots
  • Mulching

Many companies use burn offs to clear the land. But, this isn’t an acceptable practice when your business operates in high-profile industries–such as oil fields–where PR is important.

Professional slashing and mowing services use a combination of heavy machinery and general labour to clear and mulch the land. This creates a minimal disturbance to the environment and business operations.

Create New Walkways (Courtesy or Compliance)

A business could add walkways once services clear the surrounding area. This could do two things:

  • Add walkways for employees to wander the campus
  • Comply with town/city ordinances for sidewalks

Either of the two will improve the safety of those otherwise forced to walk alongside the road or in overgrown areas. Clearing and adding walkways also lower property liability (e.g. trips and falls). This is a small but substantial investment for businesses expecting to outgrow their surroundings.

Create Easier Access via New Roadways

A single roadway may be the only access to the location due to the unused land surrounding the area. There are important questions to ask:

  • What if the property is sold and new businesses appear in the area?
  • What if the throughput places average people too close to operations?
  • What if the operations require bigger, heavier machinery and transport?

Clearing land will create new opportunities to install extra roadways to the location. This improves traffic in and out of the facility by eliminating chokepoints caused by a single roadway.

As a bonus, a business could use the cleared area to extend entrances and exits to add roadway safety. This is very important if the large equipment is coming in and out of the location, dangerously close to employees.

Add Privacy

Roadside wanderers entering private property creates at risk of potential attacks and mishaps. Likewise, your activities may need privacy due to the sensitivity of the work. Strategic placement of trees and shrubs can:

  • Filter visibility from prying eyes
  • Create private meeting areas
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Deter malicious intruders

The flora becomes a natural fence for the property. This could work as a bonus to overhead by reducing insurance costs or having to increase security.

Benefit from the Green Trends

Companies offering a slashing and mowing service live by their work ethics. This includes their commitment to earth-friendly practices. One example is donating claimed trees to community spaces. Working with these companies show great initiative to the general public.

Additionally, proper landscaping can introduce:

  • Better cooling from strategic placement of shade-giving flora
  • Prevent erosion and reduce water retention

A business reworking property, instead of gutting the environment, can reduce energy demands. Local toxicity in the environment will reduce, too, making a lush environment.

Use Natural Beauty for Leads and Retention

Would you attend an important business meeting with unkempt hair and shabby clothing? Of course not. The image would have prospects reeling. Employers often pay a premium to those who look attractive. The appearance of the property is much aligned to market perception.

How can the natural beauty add to lead generation and client retention?

  • Improves the personal and branding image
  • Adds professionalism to the workplace
  • Sets the expectation when doing business

You may wonder… How can this matter if we’re mostly working with government contracts? A great slashing and mowing service elevates brand and business image since it adds beauty to your land by clearing brush. Tours are a common practice when pitching services. A tidy work environment inside and out is a small but subtle way to exhume the professional appearance investors and contract writers look for.

Cut the Landscaping Overhead and Investments

Slashing and Mowing services are often paired with other beneficial services, including:

  • Tree moving
  • Tree trimming

Maintenance lowers costs by stretching work across several visits versus one, massive job when it becomes unruly. Here are other ways mowing services can cut overhead:

  • Avoid the high costs of investing in landscaping machinery and tools
  • Replacing flora with native plant life requiring less maintenance
  • Saving from full replanting caused by weed overgrowth or malnutrition

It’s cheaper to keep the land maintained than scheduling last-minute services.

Let’s Talk about Your Mowing Service

Are you satisfied with your current commercial mowing services? Do you have one at all? Pevach Corp. services the Meadow Lake and Bonnyville area with the best customer service around. But, we’re also looking to expand our operations. Our services include:

  • Mulching and clearing

  • Creating forest breaks

  • Stump and tree removal

  • Moving (big and small)

There’s no job we can’t complete. Our arborist service does more than provide the benefits listed in this article. We’re part of a larger community creating a better, sustainable environment for all. We hope you’ll join our efforts.

We’re insured and all estimates are free with no obligation, so get in touch and see why so many reputable companies use our services to improve their safety and image. Contact us today.