Frequently asked Questions

  • Do you employ Certified Arborists?

    Absolutely. Contact us for a full listing of our certifications.

  • Are you insured?

    Our tree service company carries a 5 million commercial liabilty insurance policy with Co-operators Insurance and all of our employees are covered by WCB. We are happy to provide proof of insurance and WCB. coverage if requested.

  • Do I need to be on site for an estimate?

    Not always, but it helps. We can carry out an estimate without a home or business owner present, but if we have questions it can be good to have our client around.

  • Is the estimate free?

    Free and no obligation- no matter how long we spend on an estimate.

  • What methods of payments do you accept?

    Visa, Mastercard, personal cheque or cash.

  • Do you adhere to any standards of practice?

    We follow the ANSI A300 tree care standards and the ANSI Z133.1 safety standards. For more info on what these standards mean, contact us.

  • Is my tree too big to cut down?

    Every job is different, so let us take a look before you decide to go with a bigger but less responsive (and less friendly) company.

  • Is my tree too big to move?

    We can usually only move trees that are 6-8 feet tall, but we may be able to move something a little taller in certain cases- give us a call and we’ll tell you.

  • When do I have to pay for the work?

    We do not request payment up front. Payment is only due upon the completion of the job.

  • Can I keep my wood for firewood?

    Sure- just remember to tell us that you want the tree kept for firewood before we start the job. We’ll even pile it neatly for you! Just a tip: oak and hickory work well in a stove, whereas pine and spruce work best for fireplaces and fire pits.

  • What happens to trees and stumps you remove?

    Wherever possible we try to replant or reuse the trees we remove. We donate every tree we can to local communities through our Community Spaces Initiative, and if we’ve got any left over trees we’re happy to give them away free to anybody who wants them- check our Facebook page for the latest opportunities.

    Stumps need to be ground down, creating wood chips that we give away to anyone who needs them- if you’re at an outdoor festival or rodeo this summer then you might be walking on wood chips that we made! Again, anything we don’t get rid of will be on our Facebook Page.

Did we miss something?

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