Five Benefits Of Building Community Green Spaces

September 18, 2017

We’re not just about cutting stuff down—we like to think that we can make nature a little better by smartly and selectively pruning, re-shaping and re-planting. Our biggest projects involve the creation of new green spaces- parks and public spaces. Building Community Green Spaces Initiative is a pretty huge example of how important green space is to use.

So why are green spaces so great?

1. They Make People Happy

This one seems obvious, but there’s a little more to it than you might think. Clearly green spaces give people a place to play, relax and meet, but researchers have also found that being in natural spaces, even building community green spaces (man-made parks), gives people a mental boost—especially once winter comes to an end and we get to enjoy those spaces.

2. Space For Exercise

Sedentary lifestyles aren’t good—desk work is worse for your health than smoking. Giving people space to do something physical, even if it’s just walking, goes a way to making up for the serious lack of exercise in Canadians’ lives.

3. Flood Prevention

Rain soaks into soil and forms puddles on concrete and asphalt—you can see which is better during a storm. Trees and plants also suck up excess water (providing there’s not too much).

4. Cooling Things Down

You might have heard of the heat island effect, how our good friends concrete and asphalt trap heat and make towns and cities feel warmer than the countryside.

5. Give Back To The Ecosystem

Urbanization displaces plants and animal species, green spaces put them back. Although you’re probably not going to get a Grizzly Bear making home in your park, you’ll bring back squirrels, rabbits and birds.

If your community could use some more green space, if you’re interested in building community green spaces, or if you want to develop and maintain the spaces you already have then call us.