How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers: Methods to Prevent Damage to Your Trees

September 18, 2019

Remember Woody the Woodpecker? He was a favourite among cartoon characters. However, the colourful and friendly character didn’t come close to wreaking the amount of havoc real woodpeckers wreak on your home now that you are an adult.

As beautiful as woodpeckers may be to look at, the sound and damage that they bring to your home, agriculture, and patio furniture can quickly make them a nuisance. This leaves many homeowners wondering how to get rid of woodpeckers once and for all.

If you’re tired of the headache and damage that has come from your new unwelcome neighbours, read on for more information on how to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers

The good news is there are several ways to get rid of woodpeckers, with none of them causing harm to the birds.

Before attempting to get rid of them, you may want to get rid of whatever it is that’s attracting them to begin with.

If you find that you’re hearing the ratta-tat-tat of a woodpecker on repeat, consider it a sign of a strong insect infestation.

Woodpeckers don’t tend to travel where there is no sign of food waiting for them, so once you handle your insect infestation you may find that your woodpecker problem takes care of itself.

Hanging Something Shiny

This illusion is a quick and affordable way to tell the woodpecker it is no longer welcome.

By hanging something reflective like a mirror or even aluminum foil, the woodpecker will be startled by its own reflection when it comes back to roost.

Since woodpeckers aren’t capable of recognizing themselves, they will instead believe that it is another woodpecker and will come to the conclusion that his home has been taken over.

Hang Your Favourite Wind Chime

This solution offers a quaint and charming addition to your backyard and a welcome replacement to the constant rattling of your woodpecker.

While you may be comforted by the gentle swaying and sound of your favourite wind chime, your woodpecker is likely to confuse the object as a potential predator and quickly flee from the observed risk.

Predator Statues

If you find that your woodpecker is pretty resistant, and sees right through the previous traps, then it may be time to find something a bit more convincing.

A quick visit to your local home improvement centre is all you need to pick up an artificial owl predator statue that will have your woodpecker heading for the hills.

DIY Noise

If you find that your woodpecker’s presence isn’t consistent but still is not welcome, feel free to attempt to scare them off yourself.

Loud clapping, yelling, or any other frightening noise should be enough to let the woodpecker know that they are no longer welcome.

Repair Holes Around Your Home

Even after you have gotten rid of your insect infestation, any holes or small openings around your house is a welcome place for new critters to hide.

This is considered an all you can eat buffet for a woodpecker, and a welcome invitation for them to come and stay.

By simply applying putty to the walls and painting over it, you dramatically reduce the number of nesting sites for insects, thus reducing the number of woodpeckers to come to visit.

Give Your Woodpecker a Home

If you’re not too bothered by the presence of the woodpecker and simply want to relocate them, it may help to invest in a small birdhouse complete with seeds and a perching area that your woodpecker can call it’s own.

Just be sure to place the birdhouse far enough away from your home so the woodpecker isn’t tempted to hunt on your property.

Bird Repellent Tape

In the event that your woodpeckers are drawn to the fruit that is growing from your trees, you may need to turn to a bird repellent tape.

This bird repellant tape has the same effect as the mirror and the aluminum foil but is designed to stretch across large spaces so you can hang them throughout your trees and protect them from every angle.

Repairing the Tree Damage Caused by the Wood Pecker

Even after your woodpecker has “relocated”, you may find you’re left with trees that have more holes than a block of swiss cheese. The good news is the tree can be repaired and restored to perfect health.

If you find that the damage appears to be small, simply let it be. Nature will take its course and the tree will heal itself. However, trees that have undergone more extensive damage can be treated with fungicide and galvanized mesh cloth.

After you’ve applied the fungicide use small bolts to fasten the cloth to the tree. The mesh will reduce the change of further damage occurring while the tree takes the time it needs to heal.

Respecting Nature While Respecting Your Home

The adventures of a homeowner seem to never end. One day you’re looking into how to get rid of woodpeckers, the next you’re looking to clear a field of diseased trees.

The important thing is to have the right team behind you to handle even your toughest jobs while respecting the nature that surrounds your home. If you have a major outdoor project approaching, and no idea how to take it on, give us a call today. We’ll see if our services are a strong match for what you need and will happily be of assistance.