The Top 6 Benefits of Mulching

August 17, 2018

Whether you own a farm, business, or are the operations manager for a utility company, you’ll need to eliminate some trees at some point.

Trees, while beautiful, present problems if left unchecked. Trees cause thousands of power outages each year when storms knock them over into power lines. They damage cars and properties, give rodents a place to live and way into our homes, and disrupt growth potential on farms.

The most effective way of clearing trees is mulching. Let’s look at some of the benefits of mulching trouble trees on your property and around power lines.

Reduces The Impact On Your Landscape

Some of the traditional methods of clearing land don’t allow you to be selective when clearing areas of a property. Trees are mulched at their original spot. This reduces the amount of heavy equipment while protecting nearby plants.

Granted, mulchers are heavy equipment, but in most cases, we’ll need one piece of equipment instead of five. Other methods need numerous pieces of equipment and workers to get the job done.

Undisturbed Soil

Land clearing digs up soil as it removes the trees and brush on the property. When the topsoil releases, it can cause land erosion. The soil doesn’t hold nutrients like before, causing the water to run off and cause flooding on other areas of the property.

Small ponds and rivers could develop on your property, causing unevenness. These ponds and rivers often attract insects and pests to your property, creating problems later down the road.

Mulching reduces the risk of erosion. The mulch that comes from the trees keeps the soil in place and protects the root systems of plants and grasses. Your property’s drainage remains effective and this protects your, and other’s, property from water runoff.

Protects Future Growth

Most people don’t want to strip their land down to the bare earth. They want to get rid of a nuisance line of trees or shrubbery without damaging the surrounding area. If you are a farmer that wants to plant crop around the removed tree or a homeowner that wants a garden, mulching is your best option.

Even if you want the mulch collected and taken off your property, some will remain. When the mulch that remains decomposes, it provides nutrients to the land it’s on. This encourages new growth and makes the soil rich and ready for planting.

The mulch left behind also reduces the risk of fungi and moulds damaging trees and plants left behind.

Mulching Saves Time

Sometimes, when someone wants a tree gone, they have it cut down instead of mulching it.

What’s left behind is a stump that takes years to rot away. This stump is unsightly and provides a home for critters that can cause problems on your property. The stump is also a fire hazard and requires you to work around it.

Mulching gets rid of the entire tree in minutes. You don’t have to wait for it to go away; you let the machine do the work.

Lowered Chance Of Wildfires

Wildfires have numerous causes, from lightning to haphazard smokers throwing still lit cigarettes out of their car windows. Slashing and burning a plot of land to get rid of trees is another reason.

One of the benefits of mulching is you can eliminate trees without burning, meaning less pollution. You don’t have to worry about a sudden change in wind direction causing a fire to spread either.

Creating fire breaks with mulchers is an effective way of creating a natural barrier to help prevent fires as well. In trouble areas where fires spread from tree to tree, mulching a line of them forms a perimeter that helps to slow or stop a fire from spreading.

The Best Benefits Of Mulching Involve Money

Who doesn’t like to save money?

As stated above, other methods of clearing trees from an area require numerous machines and the people to operate them. The more equipment and labour it takes to do a job, the more money you’re going to pay.

Mulching requires one machine and a limited crew. You save money while getting the job done.

Power companies stand to gain the most from mulching. Not only do they save money on the final bill, but long-term as well. When the power goes out because of a storm, it’s costly to repair lines.

Taking a proactive approach by eliminating nuisance trees saves money on supplies, equipment, and paying overtime to workers. Customer satisfaction goes up, and electric downtime goes down. The more uptime utility companies have, the more they make.

Do You Have A Tree That Needs Mulching?

Here at Pevach, we have services designed to meet your needs. Whether you’re a farmer that needs to clear land, a homeowner that wants to be rid of a nuisance tree, or a power company that wants to keep their lines clear of branches, there are clear benefits of mulching.

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