Top-Rated Tree Services in Cold Lake & Bonnyville AB

May 30, 2024

tree services bobcat removing brush in Cold Lake

Need “tree services close to me” in Cold Lake or Bonnyville AB? Pevach Corp offers expert tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, and more. Read on to discover how their tree servicing experts can maintain your trees and keep your property safe.

Key Takeaways

  • Pevach Corp, an award-winning tree service company in Cold Lake and Bonnyville, AB, has years of experience and offers comprehensive tree care services for residential, commercial, industrial, and government clients.
  • Their services include tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, vegetation management, and ensuring trees are safely distanced from utility lines, all while prioritizing safety and client satisfaction.
  • Pevach Corp is deeply committed to the community and environment, providing not only professional tree care but also adhering to local regulations and offering free estimates & consultations to address any tree-related concerns.

Pevach Corp: Your Local Tree Service Experts

tree services expert working up a tree

Beneath the canopy of Cold Lake’s arboreal treasures lies a story of dedication and expertise, embodied by Pevach Corp. With roots deeply planted in the local soil, Pevach Corp stands as an award-winning tree service company committed to nurturing the green legacy of Alberta. Recognized with the prestigious 2019 Lakeland Business of the Year Award for Outstanding Large Business in Bonnyville, this local office of tree service experts weaves a tale of unmatched dedication and professional prowess.

Shawn and his band of tree specialists live by their commitment to providing top-notch tree care services. His crew ensures they apply their advanced skills to the care of trees and shrubs, ensuring each trunk and branch receives the attention it deserves. Pevach Corp has grown into a full-service, accredited tree care company, serving a diverse clientele including:

  • industrial
  • government
  • residential
  • commercial sectors across North Eastern Alberta and Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.

Comprehensive Tree Services Offered by Pevach Corp

servicing trees from around utility lines

The first step in safeguarding your landscape begins with a well-devised tree removal strategy. Pevach Corp stands at the ready with a comprehensive array of environmental services to meet any challenge your trees might present.

Mastering the subtle craft of pruning as well as the intricate task of tree cutting, Pevach Corp’s team of certified arborists is equipped with the latest bucket trucks and robust CMI machinery, designed to efficiently cut through trees with precision.

Tree Services Company Committed to Caring For Your Property

Pevach Corp is a tree services company committed to excellence and ensures that every aspect of tree care is managed with the utmost quality and care for your property.

In our assessments, we watch for not only hazards, but also how we can minimize the damage to your property by using heavy equipment matting, smaller but mightier tree servicing equipment such as the Altec Aerial Lift, the Mini Bobcat MT85 or mini skidsteer stump grinders.

Altec Aerial Lift Tree Servicing Equipment

But their offerings extend far beyond the simple cut. Pevach Corp provides end-to-end solutions, including:

  • A thorough assessment of space clearance needs
  • Execution of large-scale projects
  • Crafting fire breaks to safeguard against wildfires
  • Managing vegetation to pave the way for new construction

This trusted tree service company, with its residential tree service offering, is committed to delivering outstanding client service, safety, and satisfaction with every branch trimmed and every stump ground, while also providing tree risk services and addressing tree safety risks.

Residential tree removal costs can range from $200 to $3,000+, depending on the size and complexity of the job. Pevach Corp offers free tree removal consultations to provide accurate quotes that we stand by.

Importance of Professional Tree Care for a Safe and Beautiful Property

tree care on a property

A flourishing tree is a testament to nature’s artistry, but this beauty doesn’t come without dedicated care. Professional tree care is essential not only for maintaining the aesthetic charm of your property but also for ensuring the safety and longevity of your trees. Envision the careful awakening of spring, as expert arborists meticulously inspect each tree for signs of distress, strategically pruning to promote health and vigor.

It’s a blend of science and artistry, where each cut is made with precision, and every treatment is tailored to enhance the tree’s natural form while fortifying it against the elements and potential hazards.

According to the International Society of Arboriculture, properly maintained trees can increase property values by up to 20%.

The expertise of these tree doctors are committed to ensuring your property remains beautiful and healthy through the seasons. With hands guided by scientific knowledge, they wield their tools with safety, expertise, and professionalism, transforming your yard into a haven for both people and wildlife.

Native Trees of Cold Lake

The tapestry of Cold Lake is woven with an array of native trees, each adding its unique hue to the landscape. Some of these trees include:

  • Majestic Quaking Aspens, which stand tall and have leaves that dance in the breeze like a symphony of gold in autumn.

Majestic Quaking Aspens in the Cold Lake region

  • The Balsam Poplar, with its balsam-scented buds.

Balsam Poplar in the Lakeland Region of Alberta

  • The stately Blue and White Spruces, which provide a steadfast green against the winter’s chill.

Blue and White Spruces on a Cold Wintery Day in Alberta

  • Hardy Hybrid Poplars and various willows, which contribute to the resilience and beauty of the area.

Hybrid Poplars and Various Willows in Alberta's Lakeland region

Tree SpeciesCharacteristicsCommon Issues
Quaking AspenTall, golden leaves in autumnSusceptible to leaf spot
Balsam PoplarBalsam-scented budsProne to canker diseases
Blue SpruceBluish-tinted needlesNeedle cast diseases
White SpruceWidespread, used in constructionSpruce budworm infestations

These trees paint a picture of resilience and beauty in the face of Alberta’s climatic challenges.

Understanding these native species and their key identification characteristics is essential for tree service experts like Pevach Corp, who browse our tree archives to craft a comprehensive tree removal plan that respects and enhances the region’s natural heritage.

Whether it’s the Lodgepole Pine, Alberta’s provincial tree, standing sentinel over the forests, or the Paper Birch shedding its bark in delicate scrolls, each tree is a chapter in the story of Cold Lake, a story that Pevach Corp is dedicated to preserving.

Stump Grinding in Cold Lake & Bonnyville: Why It’s Essential After Tree Removal

Stump griding machine shredding through a tree stump

Not-so-fun Fact: Did you know that stumps left untreated can increase the risk of pest infestations?

After the chainsaws have quieted and the fallen tree has been cleared, a solitary stump remains, a remnant of what once was. Stump grinding, an often-overlooked part of the tree removal process, is essential for a variety of reasons.

Not only does it prevent the spread of pests such as termites and ants that find sanctuary in the old wood, but it also restores the aesthetics of your landscape, allowing for new life to take root.

Pevach Corp, a professional tree service company, understands that stump grinding goes beyond mere appearance. It is about:

  • Enhancing safety by eliminating potential tripping hazards
  • Making space for future landscaping projects
  • Preventing the unpredictable growth of new sprouts

With specialized equipment and a trained eye, Pevach Corp ensures that the removal of stumps and roots is conducted with precision, leaving behind a canvas ready for the brushstrokes of your next garden masterpiece.

Vegetation Management: Preventing Wildland Fires

Vegetation management and tree mulching machine

As the whispers of summer winds stir the leaves, they also carry the risk of igniting wildland fires, a threat all too real in the dry expanses of Alberta. In fact, there are an average of 1,000+ annual wildfire incidents in Alberta annually.

Vegetation management stands as a formidable shield against this fiery foe, with Pevach Corp at the forefront of this battle.

By strategically removing flammable vegetation and creating landscape-level fuel breaks, they forge a barrier that can quell the spread of wildfires, safeguarding both nature and the communities nestled within.

The science of fire prevention is complex, yet Pevach Corp’s vegetation management experts wield their knowledge like a fireman’s hose, dousing the potential for disaster. Through FireSmart initiatives and meticulous planning of fire breaks, they ensure a community’s resilience against the searing heat of wildfires. There can be up to a 50% reduction in wildfire spread with proper vegetation management.

This scientifically based horticultural prowess is not just about preserving the trees and shrubs; it’s about preserving homes, memories, and the very fabric of the home landscape we hold dear.

Keeping Trees Away from Utility Lines

Man pruning branches from tall tree

In the interplay between nature and civilization, utility lines form the veins that power our modern lives. Yet, when trees encroach upon these lifelines, the consequences can be dire.

Pevach Corp, a tree service company committed to the safety of your trees and infrastructure, offers specialized services to prevent such conflicts. Their certified tree experts, equipped with an accredited company’s knowledge and experience, ensure that trees are kept at a safe distance from power lines, mitigating the risks of outages and fires.

The approach to keeping trees away from utility lines is twofold: proactive maintenance and emergency response. Pevach Corp’s approach includes:

  • Precise pruning to keep trees clear of power lines
  • Complete tree removal when necessary
  • Rapid assessment and resolution capabilities in case of tree-related power line damage

This dual strategy not only preserves the functionality of our essential services but also maintains the harmony of our urban ecosystems, taking into account the unique needs of Cold Lake, Bonnyville & St. Paul regions.

According to BC Hydro, did you know that trees are involved in more than 50% of all power outages in residential areas

Local Regulations and Permits for Tree Services in Cold Lake

Embarking on a tree service project without understanding the local regulations and permits is like navigating a forest without a map. In Cold Lake, the canopy of rules is dense, with requirements ranging from Personal Use Forest Products Permits for firewood harvesting to restrictions on tree cutting in protected areas. Pevach Corp, with their thorough knowledge of these intricacies, ensures that every tree service undertaken complies with the local office’s regulations.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, navigating this labyrinth of laws and insurance can be daunting. That’s where Pevach Corp’s expertise flourishes. As a tree service company committed to upholding the highest standards, they guide you through the permit process, ensuring that your tree removal, trimming, or planting project aligns with provincial policies and protects the environmental integrity of our shared landscape.

Seasonal Tree Care Tasks

Seasonal Tree Care Tasks Done by Pevach Corp Tree Specialist

As the seasons turn, so too do the needs of our arboreal companions. Seasonal tree care tasks are the heartbeat of a healthy landscape, a rhythm that Pevach Corp knows well. With spring’s thaw, they engage in a symphony of services:

  • Inspecting for winter’s wrath
  • Pruning for robust growth
  • Fertilizing for vibrant vitality
  • Mulching becomes the finishing touch, a protective embrace around the base of each tree.
SpringInspecting, Pruning, FertilizingPromotes new growth, prevents disease
SummerWatering, MulchingMaintains moisture, reduces weeds
FallLeaf removal, PruningPrepares trees for winter, prevents decay
WinterProtecting, PruningPrevents damage from snow and ice

Yet, as the chill of winter approaches, the focus shifts to protection. Pevach Corp’s tree service experts an accredited company, don their winter gear to shield trees from the harsh elements, pruning away the weak to fortify the strong.

Seasonal tree care is not just a task; it’s an ongoing commitment to the cyclical dance of life, ensuring the safety of your trees and the enduring beauty of the home landscape.

What to Look for When Hiring a Tree Service Company in Cold Lake

Bobcat mulching trees & shrubs while perfoming vegetation management

In the verdant world of Cold Lake, finding the right tree service company is akin to selecting the perfect seedling for your garden. The choice is vital and requires discernment. A company committed to safety expertise and professionalism, like Pevach Corp, stands out with its certifications, training, and insurance, laying the foundation for trust and assurance.

When considering a tree service, verify their credentials, assess their equipment, and understand their procedures to protect your property, ensuring that your trees are in expert hands.

Hiring A Tree Removal Services Company Checklist

Be sure to check over the following before hiring a tree trimming or tree cutting services company:

  • Certifications and Training
  • Insurance and Liability Coverage
  • Equipment and Safety Procedures
  • Client Testimonials and Reviews
  • Detailed and Transparent Quotes

Pevach Corp exemplifies the ideal partner for your tree care needs. With a reputation for excellent customer service and meticulous job site procedures, they leave no leaf unturned in pursuit of perfection.

Whether it’s tree removal, trimming, or comprehensive tree care, their arborists an accredited company bring the full weight of their experience and equipment to every project, ensuring that the job is done right, with the safety of your trees and landscape paramount.

Pevach Corp’s Commitment to Safety and Community

Pevach Corp's Tree Experts Posing in Front of Truck

At the heart of Pevach Corp’s ethos lies a steadfast commitment to safety and community. This tree service company, entrenched in the fabric of Cold Lake, weaves a tapestry of trust and care in every interaction.

With safety as their lodestar, they protect employees, customers, and the environment with unwavering dedication. A team of professional arborists, including a Certified Utility Tree Trimmer and safety manager, embodies their pledge to uphold the highest standards of practice.

Yet, their industry leadership extends beyond the branches and into the community. Pevach Corp’s accreditation represents their position as stewards of the land they serve. They share their success by giving back, offering personalized service, and treating everyone with respect and professionalism.

Request a Free Consultation with Pevach Corp

Tree utility truck parked at night in front of Pevach Corp's building

Embarking on a tree service project? Why not request a free consultation with Pevach Corp? With no obligation, this is your chance to engage with tree service experts who are poised to address your arboreal concerns.

Whether it’s a towering spruce that needs trimming or a stubborn stump that requires grinding, Pevach Corp’s professional team stands ready to apply their expertise.

Seize this opportunity to benefit from their wisdom and experience, and watch as your pawpaw tree-related projects take root and flourish.


In the verdant expanse of Cold Lake, Pevach Corp stands as a pillar of arboreal expertise. From the comprehensive care of native trees to the meticulous prevention of wildland fires, their dedication to safety, community, and professional service is unmatched.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bobcat mulching forest for vegetation management plan

What kind of tree care services does Pevach Corp provide?

Pevach Corp provides a variety of tree care services such as removal, trimming, pruning, stump grinding, and emergency assistance, all conducted by professional arborists using top-quality equipment.

Can Pevach Corp help with tree-related issues for utility companies?

Yes, Pevach Corp offers specialized tree management services for utility companies, including preventative maintenance and emergency response for trees near power lines. They can help prevent hazards and ensure uninterrupted services.

How does stump grinding benefit my property?

Stump grinding benefits your property by preventing pest infestations, enhancing landscape aesthetics, removing safety hazards, and freeing up space for new landscaping projects. It’s crucial for maintaining a safe and visually appealing yard.

Why is vegetation management important?

Vegetation management is important for reducing the risk of wildland fires by removing flammable vegetation and establishing fuel breaks, and providing proper clearance for utilities and infrastructure, which helps protect communities and the environment.

What should I consider when choosing a tree service company in Cold Lake?

When choosing a tree service company in Cold Lake, make sure to consider their certifications, insurance, experience, safety record, professionalism, and equipment. Pevach Corp is a trusted choice meeting all these criteria. Request a free consultation today.