What’s the Average Tree Removal Cost in Alberta

March 10, 2020

Removing a tree from its current location is not something that anyone can just do. It’s not as simple as typing a rope to the back of your pick-up truck and pulling it out of the ground like you saw in that YouTube video. There is a process that requires equipment, professional knowledge and a highly trained team of arborists. That’s where companies like Pevach Corp come in! If you’ve never needed tree removal services before and are unsure of what to expect, we’ll give you a bit of insight into the process and, most importantly, the tree removal cost. 

What is tree removal and what does the process involve?

Trees are obviously a great addition to any piece of landscape or property, but there are times when a tree is doing more harm than good and needs to be removed. If the tree is old and rotting, has invasive roots that are causing damage to a foundation or underground lines, or maybe it’s simply just grown too big for its location, then tree removal might be necessary. 

Our team of professionals will begin with safely removing the largest branches of the tree from the very top first. We have special equipment that allows us to lower large branches down without damaging anything around the tree, including other plants or trees you may have around. We “disassemble” the tree piece by piece with chainsaws and drop the wood onto special mats that protect your lawn. The tree will get cut down as low as we can get it (the stump is usually flush with the ground) before we finish the job by grinding out the stump. You won’t even notice there used to be a tree there once we are finished. 

What’s the first step in booking?

The first step in the process is to give Pevach Corp a call  for a free estimate. We will ask you to provide us with some detailed information on the current tree situation and we’ll book a time to come to the job site. Once our team is on site for the estimate, we will examine things like the tree’s height, diameter, the location of the tree, possible hazards nearby (power lines etc), and what you want done with the wood after the tree has been removed (logs, chipped, taken away etc). 

We take into account all of the above factors and give an estimate based on an hourly rate and approximately how long we think the job will take.

After the estimate

After you’ve received your tree removal cost estimate, we’ll get you booked in quickly at a time that works best for you. Scheduling in clients is usually not a worry because you don’t need to be on the job site for us to take down the tree, this leaves booking a lot more open and flexible. 

What’s the average tree removal cost?

The actual tree removal cost will depend on things like your location and what our team observes during the estimate process. As we mentioned before, the size of the tree, any possible hazards around and what you want done with the wood will all play a factor in the end. The cheapest tree removal is around $245 if you are local in Bonnyville, Alberta or Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, and the cost goes up from there.

The cost works out to be about $245 per hour which includes a bucket truck, two men and the chipper. The bigger the tree, the longer job, the bigger the cost, but this is a great starting point to give you an idea for the overall cost. We are currently developing a more accurate price guide based on different tree sizes to give our clients a clearer understanding of what the cost would be to have a tree fully removed from their property.

We have removed some large trees like black poplars or spruce that cost $1200-$1500. The more equipment and manpower we need and the farther you are from our shop, the more the cost will increase.

We work quickly but also take great care to keep our team safe and your yard free of debris.

Do you have the right equipment for what I need done?

Pevach Corp has gone all out with our equipment and we only use the best of the best for what we do. We are fully equipped to do slashing, relocation & control, trimming, mulching & clearing and we can even hang Christmas lights and rescue pets from heights you don’t want to tackle.

We have equipment that is considered the best in the trade, that allows us to work fast and efficiently to get the job done. 


At Pevach Corp, we have a great team of highly skilled and trained professionals and equipment that’s second to none. We don’t waste our time on the job, the site is cleaned and in tip-top shape when we leave and we do it all in a way that keeps the cost affordable for you. There are plenty of times when a tree needs to go and the tree removal cost shouldn’t have you running the other way or trying to tackle the job yourself.

If you need a tree removed or relocated but you’re worried about the cost, our estimate process is completely FREE. We’ll come out and assess the job and give you an idea of the cost with no obligations.

Contact us today to book your free estimate.