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News on everything we’re doing as the friendly, professional environmental services company in northeast Alberta and northwest Saskatchewan.
At Pevach Corp. it’s in our nature to make nature work. Our Scrapbook features helpful blogs, tips, and a photo gallery so you can see us at our best—when we’re in the outdoors, working hard to make our clients happy!

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Forestry technician marking tree trunk for cutting

Methods of Land Clearing and Its Benefits: Making the Most of Your Land

Land clearing has come a long way from its slash-and-burn beginnings (a.k.a. brushpiles). Today, it’s ...

How a Firebreak Can Help Stop the Spread of a Forest Fire

It's expected to be a long and hot wildfire season this year. On an average ...
Tree Removal Saskatchewan

What Are The Recommended Tree Removal Procedures In Canada

Are you concerned that the older tree that's close to the roof of your commercial ...
tree relocation

5 Situations that Call for Tree Relocation and Why You Need a Professional

Having some trouble with trees? Trees cause millions of dollars worth of damage every year. ...
Slashing and mowing service

How Your Company Can Benefit from a Commercial Slashing & Mowing Service

The flora encroaching your property never caused much trouble and annoyance. The saplings became trees, ...
tree trimming service for utility companies

7 Benefits Of Tree Trimming Services For Utility Companies

Most people don't associate tree trimming with electric companies. Yet, they're an essential part of ...
best shade trees alberta

The Top 5 Fast Growing, Best Shade Trees For Alberta

We’re not all about cutting down trees here at Pevach. Not 100% anyway. Sometimes we’re ...
tree service company in Alberta

Four Tips For Caring For Trees This Winter

As your go-to tree service company in Alberta we've got tips to get you ready ...
emergency tree removal

7 Reasons You May Need Emergency Tree Removal in Saskatchewan

You probably think that the only time you might need emergency tree removal is after ...
building community green spaces

Five Benefits Of Building Community Green Spaces

We’re not just about cutting stuff down—we like to think that we can make nature ...